Wallpaper to the common man’s rescue

The walls of your house are said to be a reflection of your personality. Whenever we visit our dear ones, we surely notice their interiors and definitely have a comment or two about them. The walls of a room play an important part in maintaining the aesthetic of the room. However, there has been an age old debate about painting vs wallpaper. Wallpapers are a relatively new concept in India but it is fast gaining popularity over paint.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the points and you’ll see why!

Large selection: The first and main advantage of wallpapers is the variety of choices. Plain, textured, patterned, different finishes, etc., the list goes on! You can choose from these depending on your requirements or just mix and match if you are feeling quirky. At our Wallpaper shop in Bangalore, we have wallpaper to suit your each and every mood.

More life span: Wallpaper lasts as much as 2-3 times longer than paint. Yes, paint is less costly but given the longer life span of wallpapers, the cost factor just evens out because they don’t require any touch-ups unlike painting.

Hides imperfections: We are more than familiar with that unfortunate leakage marring the beauty of a lovely wall with chipping paint. Here’s where wallpapers come as a saviour since they are pasted over, they do a better job at hiding the leakages or uneven walls.

Less messy: ‘Cover up everything with whatever you can find’, that’s the main goal you have while painting your house so as to not get a splotch on your couch or your favourite shirt. With wallpapers, you do not have to fear that and also that annoying paint smell is absent making redecorating your house less of a task.

Well, after reading the above, we are sure you might have a new found love for wallpapers. Still not convinced? Head over to wallpaper store located in Bangalore and have a look at your beautiful selections and you’ll say goodbye to paint forever!

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Decorate your Walls with Perfect wallpaper which is UNIQUE, REALISTIC and EASY to INSTALL

Would you ever thought of designer unique, trendy and most importantly changeable wallpaper to your house walls? We were choosing only different colors to different building and just shades that matters till now. But time has changed and the modern concept of wallpaper has entered into the market, which will give you not only the shades/colors but the designs, patterns, ideas, style and it will give a realistic look to bring your style or ideas into wallpaper.

Everyone invest enormous amount in planning, constructing the home and for its interior to have a beautiful home but to give a rich glamour look to your home wallpaper is must. Our experience in color consultation enables us to assist all our customers with their Decoration Projects & Selections. Here at The Highwall –  Wallpaper shop in Bangalore we have a huge selection of New Modern Designer Wallpapers as well as Classic Traditional Designs, Stripes, Damasks, Plain Textures, Retro & Geometric ranging from domestic to commercial application

Design for every corner of home:

The Highwall gives you the tremendous collection, textures, style, Uniqueness, to decorate every corner of your home. You can have wallpaper for walls of Living Room, Bedroom, Kids Room, Dining room, Foyer Staircase etc. The Highwall –  home decoration have wide collections like: Classical,Concrete,Brick,Modern,Stone,3D,Floral,Plains,Kids,Natural,Office,Murals, Luxury,Wood and much more.

Textures that you adore:

Vinyl, Grass, Cloth, Paper, Fabric, Velvet, LED, Leather, Silk, Mica, Cork, Metallic, Glass Beads. The best wallpaper store in Bangalore will give your home a new and trendy look at affordable price. The wide range of designs and stylish wallpaper will change the image of normal building to stylish home.We also Custom Make Wallpaper & Wall Murals to your Size Color & Style. The real personality reflects through your wall when it decorated with perfect wallpaper. Let the people talk about your wallpaper be the trendsetter.

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