What is Leather Wall? How are these different from Wallpapers & Wall panels? What are the advantages of using Leather Wall?

Have you recently purchased your dream home? Pondering on the expenses that you may have to incur to furnish it? Do you have a small budget yet dream of a big makeover? Make your wishes come true by installing simple yet classy leather walls. You may be wondering what a leather wall is? How are these different from wallpapers and wall panels? And what are the advantages of using Leather wall? This blog will clear all your doubts.


What is a Leather wall?

Leather Wall

Are you allergic to paint? Bored with the same old wall panels and tired of replacing wallpapers? Need a designer sound insulator? The perfect alternative to all of these is a leather cladding. Such a cladding comes with a hard exterior backfilled with foam and covered with leather. 

Generally, they are designed in square pieces. You could use these on any hard surface. Some like to use it even as a comfortable backrest for a bed. If you want a smooth finish on your wardrobes you can install the leather wall on the doors as well. However, the leather wall requires labor work. If you choose to outsource the work to someone, you may have to pay a minimal amount as the labor cost.


How are these different from wallpapers and wall panels?


Tired of running errands for quick purchases? Want a cost-effective yet ravishing wall covering? Opt for the leather headboard

Leather headboard

  • While the harmful chemicals in most paints could trigger your allergies, installing a leather wall could save you from allergic reactions.
  • Applying paint and wallpaper is a mammoth task and the labor costs are higher in comparison to the installation of the leather wall.
  • This cladding is suitable on any hard surface. While you may have to keep renovating your wallpaper and paint, you may not have to do so with the leather headboard.

leather head board

  • Are you an advocate of cleanliness? Does even a small spec of dirt haunt you? Choose the leather cladding for a comfortable wall rinsing.
  • While most of your relatives and friends may boast about their wallpaper and paint designs, you could introduce them to a better product. The leather wall is not that common and would make your interiors stand out.
  • Want a quick revamp of your workspace? Need a quick solution to damp walls? Wondering how to give your office walls a professional twist? Select the leather wall instead of ordinary paint or wallpaper.
  • Out of all the options available, a leather wall is the richest, uncommon, smooth and budget-friendly. 


What are the advantages of using Leather wall?


While most of us prepare to purchase our dream homes, we often forget the expenses we need to incur in furnishing it. Some designer items could provide a cost-friendly and satisfying solution. One such product is the leather wall cladding.


  • Leather wall cladding not only serves as a visually appealing product but it is also easy to install. 
  • You could install it yourself or use the help of the best interior designer.
  • Moreover, a leather wall could be replaced and reused at any time. 
  • You may wish to change the leather cladding according to the festive seasons.
  • More importantly, such a leather cladding also has a resale value when kept in good condition.
  • It’s easy to clean and some of them are even dust resistant. 
  • The cladding can come in various shapes and sizes 
  • Order your customized leather walls.
  • This product can feature any bling you may want. Add a mirror in the center or choose the one with handcrafted sequencing. 

Use this innovative product when you’re on a tight budget for lavish interior decor.


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