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7 ways to make a bedroom cozy

7 ways to make a bedroom cozy

Nothing is more comforting than stepping away from it all and retreating to a cocoon-like bedroom for some rest. We spend at least a third of our lives asleep meaning that our bedrooms are part of our lifestyles. A bedroom is not just a place to get some rest, it’s a sanctuary to hide away from the world. When it comes to adding some cozy touches, it’s all about embracing the danish concept of hygge, a word used to describe a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort. Whether you are set on overhauling your bedroom or you want some low- effort, big impact pointers to create a homey refuge, here are seven cozy bedroom ideas that will get you started.


    While light colors are great for making a room feel larger, dark hues create a perfect space to relax. Dim contrast brings an ideal mood to relax and slumber. If you want to have a cozy bedroom, you have to go for the soft lighting. Do away with the overhead lighting and instead go for lambs. Set the lambs at varying heights to achieve the right texture of light. Use sturdy lampshades as they diffuse light throughout the room for maximum coziness. Artificial candles bring a cozy feeling too. They give a beautiful glow when the wax melts down. Hanging fairy lights can twinkle the ambience of the bedroom too. The copper fairy wires can be swooped along the ceiling or hung behind the curtain panel. Painting relaxed colors in your bedroom can also adjust the lighting.


    Spend your money on making the bedroom comfy. High quality fabrics will make the beddings look perfect. Knit fabric is expensive but brings a soft pattern and texture. Do not be afraid to pile huge fluffy pillows- let the bed beg you to jump right into it! Rugs and carpets are a great way to add color, texture and warmth underfoot. A first touch from bed into a soft surface will create a cozy mood. Try layering rugs in different patterns and shapes as this will make a comfy statement. Think of a carpet that will match your bedroom’s interior design. Similarly, let the blankets and linen layers bring an eye-catching dimension. A luxe faux fur duvet will take your lazy moments to hibernation. Thinking of having a leather bed frame for a cushion will even make your bedroom cozier.


    Simple DIY touches can make a bedroom a cozier place to relax. A simple nightstand made from your old vintage suitcase can add a touch of your personality and bring back the memories. You can let your walls have framed pictures of the people you love, souvenirs from your past holidays and major key life achievements. Highlighting some of your favorite trinkets and memories will make your space unique and cozy. You can embrace your wallpaper by adding it in your bedroom space. It will add dimension and excitement into the otherwise dull space. You can mat and hang some of the family heirlooms in your bedroom particularly those of linen variety. They will give a cozy personal feeling while contributing to the multi-fabric texture of the room. If you love flowers, placing a vase filled with fresh blooms on a wooden accent will create a nature lover’s paradise.


    Bringing the outside in by using flowers or plants will not only complement your décor but also make your bedroom lively. It is so nice to have a feeling of life inside your room especially in the months when the temperatures are entertaining. However, you must very keen to choose easy-to-handle plants. Succulent and airy plants all add a burst of greenery and a colorful taste. You can take advantage of the flower or plant pots to add more design creativity to your bedroom. The flowers will make the bedroom feel soft and romantic.


    Make sure your room looks calm. Cluttering your bedroom with less important things will make it look overcrowded. Banish the laundry from the bedroom to the closet. Why keep a heap of unmatched socks and dirty clothes in your bedroom? If the first thing you will see when you wake up is a pile of dirty clothes awaiting your cleaning, this will probably set you up for a tough day. Bringing in too many furniture elements may make the room feel busy. Watching your favorite tv show might be comfortable from your bed, but visible electronics in the bedroom are the opposite of cozy. You can hide them in the armoire whenever you are not using them.


    Furnishing with wood helps create a cozy feeling in spaces you can’t mount wallpapers. Regardless of your bedroom size, incorporating wood on the walls is a perfect way to add a sense of warmth. Board claddings keep the touches simple but you can still go the limed oak panels which are more elaborate. Adding wooden ceiling beams might even seem better than tossing pillows on the bed. The ceiling beams are a smart architectural way to add the bedroom look without taking up space. Wooden headboards add a comfy vibe look to the bed. Let the headboard color hue with the décor design and the bedding. Wooden accent chairs bring out an artistic taste in the bedroom, making a style statement. A well-furnished mahogany book shelf will be outstanding and eye-catching.


    Old is gold. Don’t just go for the latest designs in the market. Mixing the old and new styles in your bedroom will create a unique and a perfect blend. The old vintage accent chairs make a better statement when placed against herringbone patterned floor and mint bed. A modern bed with old- style knitted fabrics brings out a cozy look. Old shade lambs, candles and fairy lights illuminate the modern bedrooms in the best way. Carpets complemented by old rugs give a fine texture and warmth.

Let the bedroom be the place you miss the most whenever you are away from home. Making your bedroom feel cozy might stress your pocket a little bit but don’t feel afraid in investing in what will add a flavor to your life. A cozy bedroom will translate into a cozy lifestyle!

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