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How to add plants to your home

How to add plants to your home

What do happy-looking homes have in common? Greenery and lots of it. Plants have a way of making a space feel bright, lively and gorgeous. Nature in general makes us feel happy, calm, relaxed and more productive. Plants have been proven to have a host of benefits for both mental and physical heath. Here are tips on how to add plants to your home.


    Use tension rods throughout your home to get your greenery off of the tabletops, counters, window sills and other spaces. Large and sturdy tension rods can hold a significant amount of weight from larger plants like leggy vines. Smaller tension rods can be used with cute hanging planters to hold less weight plants. Succulent plants are the best to add when using rods.


    Whether hanging indoor houseplants or making some outdoor additions to the flower garden, choosing how and where to hang pots can make a huge visual impact. However, using hangers restricts one to only the light-weight plants. Hangers include hooks and ropes. Baskets, light pots and creative DIY vessels can be easily hung. First priority on hanging the plants should be examining their needs. You have to take into account where to position the plants as most of them require sunlight and moisture. Second imperative thing is considering the maturity size of the plant. Potted plants can become too heavy for the hanger to support their weight making them to fall. Steel plant hangers are advisable as they are strong. Indoor hanging baskets should be softly weaved and they should complement the interior décor. Going for the DIY hangers will showcase your creativity but it is good to note that they are best for exterior decoration.


    Having an indoor kitchen will hand you dual benefits. Your kitchen will look lively and at the same time you will enjoy a fresh supply of fresh herbs. Growing herbs indoors is quite easy, you just have to make sure you get started the right way. Only go for herbs that are easy to maintain. Chives, parsley, rosemary, oregano, cilantro and chilli peppers are examples of easy-to-grow indoor plants. You can grow the herbs in pots or other suitable vessels. Placing the plants by the window might be the best spot for them to get some sunlight.


    If your space is not large enough, go for a rack as it gives infinite possibilities. A rack can accommodate several plants in a limited space in a cozy way. If you are looking to add a wall art, then go for advanced racks.


    This is the most common and easiest way to add plants to your home both in the interior and exterior. Hanging plant baskets can be dangerous as they might fall. The best remedy for this is placing boxes and pots on the ground surfaces. With this, heavy and tall plants can be grown with ease. In case your interior is deprived of sunlight, you can take the plants out during the sunny days with ease and still return the plants later. Planter pots can accommodate any type of plants and herbs, giving you the freedom of choice.


    Think of getting your lawn into shape by adding some plants. Managing an outdoor garden is simpler as compared to an indoor garden. From trees to flowers, outdoor gardens give a chance to try different types of plants all together. Carefully think of the plants to add in relation to the atmosphere you want to create. Add branchy trees as they can be anchor for shade sails. They also filter noise and air pollution. Most importantly, they help bring in nature as they provide pollen for insects and shelter to birds. They also add architectural beauty to your home. Alongside the pavements, add flowers to complement the garden design.

  • FAKE IT!

    If honestly you do not have the touch, patience or even luck to be successful in plants of any kind but you still want to feel a touch of nature in your space, there are always ways to fake the green outdoors without having them in your home. painting floral scenes on your walls and ceiling will give you some sense of having plants around. You can even frame artwork that includes botanical imagery, or simply lifestyle your space with a focus on floral elements. If you want to get deep and real, there are a variety of scented candles, oils and diffusers that will fill your space with helpful scents much like a variety of plants will. It's likely that none of these options are quite as effective as having the real thing, but they may create a lively atmosphere.

There are just so many ways of adding plants to your home. Only add plants that you love and treasure.

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