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How to choose the perfect accent chair for your bedroom

How to choose the perfect accent chair for your bedroom

Selecting an accent chair requires an artistic mind. From the right size, style, color, and even texture, there is just a lot to consider. Today’s blog will guide you on how to pick out a stunning accent piece that will complement your bedroom in the best way. Let’s jump right in!

  1. Function

    Is it going to be a comfy chair or a style statement? If you are going for comfort, then you have to eliminate armless slipper chairs that have straight backs. When complementing your bedroom design, go for the styling accent chairs such as faux fur or the button tufting ones.

  2. The size and space in your bedroom

    An accent chair needs to be on the center stage. The size of the chair should be proportional to the to the bedroom scale to avoid the space looking awkward and uninviting. There should be plenty of space around the chair to make it more comfortable for sitting.

  3. Complementing accessories

    Do you have or a you planning to add other complementing items to the accent chair? An accent arm chair will look complete when paired with a small decorative table. A floor lamb besides a reading accent chair might set a good mood for lingering over a book.

  4. Colour

    The color of the accent chair should coordinate with the existing shade pallet of your bedroom. Right color choice can amplify the atmosphere and the mood you are trying to create. Before buying an accent chair, think of the color pattern or consistency you are trying to create.

  5. Practicability

    You must consider how practical your accent chair should be. Some types of accent chairs are only suitable for living rooms while others are meant for bedrooms. It is impracticable to go for a metal framed and non-cushioned accent chair if you are after bedroom comfort.

  6. The mood you are trying to create

    You have to create a familiar feel for your options to work well. If you are a fan of novels, you will probably think of an accent chair that will linger your reading. A quiet bedroom atmosphere can be achieved by buying calm statement design chairs.

Come on! Now you have the tips of choosing the perfect accent chair for your bedroom, go ahead and have one!

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