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How to make your bedroom kids friendly

How to make your bedroom kids friendly

Kids spend a lot of time at home more than any other place before they enter adult. During this phase the environment they grow up in will have a significant impact on their impressionable minds.

Here are a few things you can do to make your bedroom kids friendly:

1. Make space for creativity

Allow for playfulness in children to blossom into creativity by dedicating some space for them. You can do this by adding a whiteboard, creating toy zone, play area etc. This will allow for their complete blossoming of their faculties. 

2. Introduce vibrant colors and patterns

Unlike rooms for adults which is usually doesn't experiment with bold colours and patterns, rooms for kids can be colourful and vibrant. You can achieve this by wall paints, kids wallpapers and colourful furniture. 

3. Avoid possibilities of injuries 

Minimize chances where kids could get hurt. In room, avoid sharp edges, have safe balconies, avoid open and live electrical equipments, avoid rough fabrics in furnishings. 

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