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How to place a carpet

How to place a carpet

Carpets help you define spaces and anchor your furnishings. They also add warmth, texture and colour to your home. Placing carpets perfectly can be challenge as you try to make a style statement and at the same time complement the interior décor.

Here’s how to correctly place carpets in order to get the best from your space.

  • Foyer and entry carpets

    These carpets serve dual purposes. They are decorative and protect your floor from the dirt you track in from the outside. Center these carpets at least a few inches from your threshold- far enough that the bare flooring shows but close enough that you step on the carpet when entering the house. Leave at least 10 inches of floor showing all around.

  • Living Room Carpets

    Living room carpets should complement your furniture and décor. All the furniture should rest on the carpet. Let the carpet run 12 inches from the sofa perimeter and all other carpeted pieces in such a way that room’s floor is still exposed.

  • Dining Room Carpet

    Centre the carpet under the dining table, making sure it is large enough such that chairs remain on the carpet when diners pull them out. If your room is not large enough, consider positioning a large rug and placing a smaller one under the buffet or hutch.

  • Bedroom Carpet

    The bedroom gives you a lot of options on carpet placement. Position the carpet with the bed centred on top of it. Let the carpet extend beyond the perimeter of the bed, stopping a few inches before the nightstand. This gives you a soft surface to step into when getting out of bed. Alternatively, you can place the carpet on either the sides of the bed and you will still have a comfy experience when stepping out of the bed.

  • Between the Rooms

    Carpets create magnificent transitions between rooms. Arrange the carpets to extend into other rooms to tie together different floors. It might be uncomfortable when you are partially on and off the carpet when walking around in your house.

Several design tips will conclude this topic. Arrange the carpets with their edges parallel to the walls. Angling your carpets and furniture will create a more interesting look. Make sure the carpet colours match and their patterns complement your interior design.

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