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How to use colors in a bedroom.

How to use colors in a bedroom.

Color can instantly change not only the look of a bedroom, but also how you feel when you’re in the room. The decision of the mood in the room lies in your hands. Whether you are looking for a soothing spot to escape at the end of the day or you want a room that will energize you, there is a color scheme that will help set the tone. This article will guide you on how to use the basic colors in a bedroom.


A white bedroom is all about simplicity and ease. Though some people may say white is the absence of all colours, we can still argue that it makes quite a statement. In fact, sometimes neutral hues give the space a more timeless and open feel while also allowing other design highlights to stand out more. Bring in natural materials and soft textures to keep the space from feeling stark or sterile. Avoid clutter as it can take away the cozy relaxing vibe.


Having a theme of the sky and ocean will definitely make a statement. blue is known for its calming effects as it does not overpower a space. The fact that it is consistent makes it create an atmosphere that is not overwhelming to the eye. A strong sense of cohesion will be felt when everything in the bedroom has a touch of a blue hue.


Red is bold. It is an adventurous color known for its ability to energize. It depicts timelessness too. Don’t be surprised finding it easy to wake up in a cherry mood. This shade pairs well with rich woods and other warm tones. Try incorporating textiles, such as block prints to add touches of red or go all out with a coat of crimson paint.


This sunny and happy shade brings about a real taste of excitement. Yellow colors in a bedroom will make you prolong your stay in bed especially in those cold seasons as it brings imaginations of vibrant sunlight rays. Team up this color with other hues from nature, probably green or red.


While we often think of bright whites and light hues when trying to open up a smaller space, there's also a strong case for going darker. This shade creates a cozy and stylish statement. Start from the walls, ceiling and even beddings enveloping the entire bedroom in this moody hue. Break up the black expanses with bright art and furniture to keep it from feeling like a cave.


Green is known for being restful for the eyes and often symbolizes renewal-just what you want to experience in a bedroom. It’s presence in a room guarantees a grounding, calming and fun atmosphere. Painting the ceiling green instead of the walls draws the eye up and keeps things interesting. If you are opting to paint the walls, then bring in other natural elements like warm woods to heighten the feel of the bedroom.


Purple is a royal color. This shade is perfect for creating a regal style statement. Try complementing this color with a touch of expensive ornaments such as jewel tones of different colors. Blue, white, red or violet elements are the best to link up with purple. An added advantage of purple is that if your room is super bright, it’s shade will absorb some of the light making the room look vibrant.


Pink creates a romantic environment. It is soft, calming and pretty, making it ideal for bedrooms. Utilizing pink in the best way requires one to tone it with some global patterns. The patterns should be of colors close to pink. Adding casual fabrics, such as relaxed light linens or even burlaps, can keep the space from feeling too feminine.

Adding colors in a bedroom depends on the mood and atmosphere you want to create. Right colors will bring the right vibe. Feel free to blend the colors for a more exhilarating experience!

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