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Hygge - Danish secret to a happy, cozy and meaningful lifestyle

Hygge - Danish secret to a happy, cozy and meaningful lifestyle

Denmark is known to be one of the happiest countries in the world. One of the central ideals for Danes (Danish people) is the concept of Hygge. It is their secret for everyday happiness.  

What is Hygge?



5 practical ways to infuse Hygge in your lifestyle:

1. Take pleasure in simple things

It doesn't take life changing steps to be happy. Identify the simple thing around you and learn to take pleasure from the. Be it your pet, plants at home, your favorite gadget, a well designed chair etc. This should be truly personal. 


2. Create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere at home

People spend a majority of their life at home. Why not make it a cozy place to be in. Make you bedroom and rest of your home a cozy place where you can retire to after long day at work. You can create this by using candles, adding greenery, infusing scents, well designed couch and ambient lighting.


3. Spend time with people dear to you

Spending quality time with people close to you is a valuable habit to nurture. Consciously carve out time from your schedule to make time for your dear ones.  


4. Create and repeat moments of joy

Be aware of what make your heart sing. There moments which bring you immense joy. Increase those moments. It could be going for a walk, watching a play, playing a sport, gardening, finishing a project etc.


5. Declutter

It is difficult have a clear mind in a cluttered home. Over the course of time, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Deliberately throw away or donate things that you have not used for a long time or things that you may not use it in the future. 

Here is a video from a Danish blogger talking about Hygge: 


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