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  • Baltic - Wall Panels

    Straight line wall panels in with ribbed leatherette panels and metal highlighters.Materials:Leatherette, Metal

  • Baltic - Side Table

    Two drawer side table in lacquered wood with light metal feature.Materials:Wood, MetalCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Baltic - Bed

    A popular bed with a classic buttoned styled headboard.Materials:LeatheretteCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Accenta - Wall Panels

    Leatherette panels in formal design in combination with wooden panels with rafter pattern.Materials:Leatherette, Wood

  • Accenta - Side Table

    Minimal styled side table with sleek metal base and single drawer.Materials:Wood, MetalCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Accenta - Bench

    Upholstered fabric bench with grand base in glossy metal.Materials:Fabric, MetalCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Accenta - Bed

    Dual colored bed with curved headboard in dark color fabric and base in lighter colour fabric.Materials:FabricCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Celesta - Bed

    Elegant bed with puffed headboard in fabric with frame detailing and base in same fabric.Materials:FabricCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Caspian - Bed

    A bold bed in leatherette with well detailed headboard.Materials:LeatheretteCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Skydale - Wall Panels

    Symmetric wall panels with darker central panels and lighter leatherette panels with metal inserts on either sides.Materials:Metal, Leatherette

  • Skydale - Bed

    Fashionable bed with pop up color on the outer design of headboard in fabric combined with a netural coloured inner soft headboard in leatherette a...

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  • Pacific - Bed

    Stylish bed with pop up coloured curved beadboard with a different colour at the back and base. Materials:LeatheretteCustomisation:Choose any Leath...

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  • Aquila - Wall Art

    An elegant wall art frame is the most fantastic way to set the stage for a any room.

  • Aquila - Side Table (Right)

    Matt lacquered two drawer side table comes with a engraved handle with metal base. Materials:Wood, MetalCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Aquila - Side Table (Left)

    Matt lacquered two drawer side table comes with a engraved handle with metal base. Materials:Wood, MetalCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Aquila - Bed

    Wing like upholstered headboard gives a star-like feel to our Aquila bed. Materials:LeatheretteCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Vogue - Side Table

    Designer abstract piece in combination of metal and wood, comes with a single drawer. Materials:Metal, WoodCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Vogue - Bed

    Vogue bed is an epitome of art! A wide designer headboard made in fusion of uphosltered leather and wood with metal border. Materials:Leatherette, ...

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  • Elantra - Wall Panels

    Wall panels with balanced and mature design in combination of wooden panels and leatherette with metal inserts.Materials:Leatherette, Wood

  • Elantra - Side Table

    Curved side table with a drawer and open unit in dual material of laminate and lacquered wood.Materials:WoodCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Elantra - Bed

    A simple yet elegant bed with vertical design in headboard and darker colour base.Materials:LeatheretteCustomisation:Choose any LeatheretteHelp

  • Lark - Wall Panels

    A lacqureed wooden panels in two shades with metal border look very stylish as an accent wall. Materials:Metal, Wood

  • Lark - Bed

    The design of the Lark bed has a princely feel. Thanks to the designer cushioned headboard which is its dominant feature, made in leatherette. Mate...

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