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  • Baltic - Bedroom

    A crisp looking bedroom with straight line wall panels, popular fabric bed and a set of nice and simple side tables.

  • Accenta - Bedroom

    A contemporary bedroom with formal looking wall panels, curved bed, minimal styled side table and a grand bench.

  • Celesta - Bedroom

    An elegant bedroom with touch of luxury with well detailed wall panels, fabric bed and a set of unique side tables.

  • Caspian - Bedroom

    An elegant bedroom with touch of luxury with well detailed wall panels, a grand bed and a set of unique side tables.

  • Skydale - Bedroom

    A stylish bedroom with interesting play of colours with symmetric wall panels, upholstered bed and a set of graceful side tables.

  • Pacific - Bedroom

    A graceful bedroom with elegant wall panels, stylish bed and elaborate side tables.

  • Vogue - Bedroom

    First things first. The bed is the main piece in this bedroom with wide designer headboard, designer abstract side tables on either sides and a mat...

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  • Elantra - Bedroom

    A contemporary bedrooom with a balanced wall panel, elegant bed and simple yet unique side tables.

  • Lark - Bedroom

    Lark Bed with cushioned headboard, perflectly blended designer side table, eclectic wall art and lacquered wood wall panel. This bedroom is known ...

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  • Cedrus - Bedrooms

    A mesmerising bedroom with a classy bed, elegant side tables supported by a metal frame and awesome textured wall panel

  • Cyril - Bedroom

    Cyril Bedroom, A contemporary style that reflects your personal taste. It consists of a upholstered bed, side table with engraved handle and a clea...

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  • Aura - Bedroom

    A luxury suite! Aura bedroom is a combination of comfort with elegance. The bed comes with a wrap up upholstered headboard and 3 drawer curve side ...

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  • Nova - Bedroom

    Lovely grey toned bedroom! Nova Bedroom consist of a curvy grey bed with lacquered open side tables on either sides and a plush wall panel.

  • Alex - Bedroom

    An exuberant bedroom that consists of an upholstered bed, minimal side tables, dramatic wall panels and an accent chair. 

  • Zorba - Bedroom

    Simple yet vibrant bedroom setup with plain wall panels, elegant bed, symmetic side table, accent chair with foot rest and an end table.

  • Zanda - Bedroom

    A rustic looking bedroom with a dual tone wall panels, elegant bed, bench and symmetric side tables.

  • Windsor - Bedroom

    Classical themed bedroom includes a carved wooden panels, wide headboard bed, bench and side table.

  • Skylark - Bedroom

    A grand bedroom with a dark attention grabbing wall panel with grand looking bed, luxurious side tables and a bench.

  • Savoy - Bedroom

    A Restful retreat indeed! A lovely traditional headboard with metal beading, striking side table with charming black lacquered cover and a Leathere...

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  • Regal - Bedroom

    This high-shine bedroom is absolute divine. With its classy wall panel, Attractive bed with complementing side tables, versatile dressing table, gl...

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  • Paradise - Bedroom

    A luxurious elegant bedroom with all the right combinations of bed, side tables, wall art, bench and table.

  • Mazzard - Bedroom

    A grand bedroom with wooden wallpanels, a grand bed, symmetic side tables and a bench.