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Wall Art

  • London Trapeze

    A great classic mirror in the shape of a trapeze. Made with great quality metal and powder coated to form a permanent matt finish to give a very cl...

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  • Classic Golden

    This modernistic mirror is striking and stylish in its design with a sleek border adorned with metal rivets. Place this mirror in your favourite pa...

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  • Manhattan Cut

    A great classic mirror in the shape of a contemporary circle with a beautiful cut edge design. Made with great quality metal and powder coated to f...

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  • Golden Crescent

    This crescent shaped mirror dazzling in gold will bring glamour to any room. Its grand appearance in addition to the shelf gives it a modern flair....

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  • Golden Ribbed

    This clean and classic mirror made of stainless steel will give an air of class and sophistication to your home. It can be placed in your lobby or ...

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  • Twin Face

    This stunning mirror is a piece of art and will become the focal point of any room. It brings blocks of stone and metals pikes in a cutting edge fu...

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  • Lear Belt

    We bring to you a splendid twist to a classic design making this a masterpiece. This chic mirror has a classic frame with stylish leather straps gi...

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  • Sun To Your Sky

    If the metaphysical intrigues you, our Sun to your Sky will be a good addition to your space. This piece with the mirror in the centre, connecting ...

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  • Full Circle

    The Full Circle wall piece with the mirror in centre and the fine metal details in symmetry is simple yet edgy piece. If you are looking for a deco...

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  • Explode

    Explode is an abstract yet modern wall piece. The mirror along with the black is super chic. Add this to your space to bring in an interesting vibe...

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  • Drop By Drop

    Drop by Drop is a beautifully simple wall decor piece which can be used to add an essence of abstractness to your walls. It is a versatile piece wh...

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  • Myriad Of Tier

    Myriad of Tier is a unique wall decor piece owing to its unique design and gorgeous color. This mirror piece is sure to add an element of curiosity...

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  • Light Over Dark

    Light over Dark is a unique wall piece but at the same also classic owing to the black and mirror of it. Add this as a reminder of no matter how bi...

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  • To The Sky

    The blush, yellow & blue all come together to create this vibrant wall piece. The colors go in total peace with each other, each standing out b...

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  • Play Together

    This Glass wall hanging has various designs that come together in unision to create a piece that is soothing in its color scheme, and also the shap...

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  • Gravity Got Us

    This unidirectional delicate wall hanging, is sure to brighten up a wall given the beautiful amalgamation of all the colors that work in perfect ha...

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  • Tribop - Mirror

    Globally inspired and innovative in its look and feel, the entire mirror has a distressed style. You can be sure that this wall mirror will not fai...

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  • Ocolog - Mirror

    Multi layered circular frame, this piece exudes rustic flair with mirror and metal in combination. Not only can it be used as a much-needed accesso...

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  • Miresa - Mirror

    Fill out that empty wall over the sofa or set up a space to check your look before you head out the front door with this accent mirror. Its border ...

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  • Indial - Mirror

    Inspired by the Hollywood Regency, it’s a perfect pick for glamming up a decorative display over the sofa or acting as a glitzy focal point in the ...

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  • Hybrint - Mirror

    This stunning  mirror is bordered by thin metalwork, making this accessory a must-have for any room.

  • Haro - Mirror

    Embellish the walls of your home with an artful appeal that will brighten any decor.

  • Gazint - Mirror

    This metallic Art Deco-inspired mirror adds plenty of vintage posh charm to your entryways, dining rooms, living rooms or bathrooms.

  • Graniton - Mirror

    Bring contemporary abstraction to your home with this designer lacquered frame mirror.

  • Collup - Mirror

    This accent is sized just right for display over dining room sideboards, entryway consoles, and more. Collup has an elegant two colored moon shape ...

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  • Autone - Mirror

    Sometimes, the thoughtful little decor pieces are what make a house a home.  This gorgeous wall mirror is elegant and comes with a twist in the design

  • Auton- Mirror

    A metal Accent Mirror with circular frame details in copper color. It has a chic aesthetic appeal that brightens any entryway, a hallway, or just a...

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