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Wall Panel

  • Accenta - Wall Panels

    Leatherette panels in formal design in combination with wooden panels with rafter pattern.Materials:Leatherette, Wood

  • Elantra - Wall Panels

    Wall panels with balanced and mature design in combination of wooden panels and leatherette with metal inserts.Materials:Leatherette, Wood

  • Elixir - Wall Panels

    A combination of matt lacquered panels with a black mirror stripe to break the monotonyMaterials:Wood, Mirror

  • Expresso - Wall Panels

    Fusion of matt lacquered wall panels with a black smoked mirror illuminated with a light strip on either sidesMaterials:Wood, Mirror

  • Zanda - Wall Panels

    Fabric panels in the center with leatherette panels and metal inserts.Materials:Leatherette, Metal, FabricHelp

  • Lester - Wall Panels

    Single toned carved lacquered wooden panels give a classical touch to your bedroom.Materials:WoodHelp

  • Crossfade - Wall Panels

    Leatherette art wall panels in a simple yet elegant play of lines. Materials: Leatherette Size: Custom made to your wall size.  Help