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  • Deft - Wardrobe

    Hinged wardrobe with lacquered wood shutters and in combination with open modules Materials: Lacquered wood  Customisation: Choose any lacquered wo...

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  • Haze - Wardrobe

    A composition of sliding doors in lacquered wood finish with hinged doors module on either side with glass doors.  Materials: Laminate, glass, lacq...

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  • Tack - Wardrobe

    Hinged wardrobe with laminate finish shutters and profile handles in combination with modules of tinted glass doors hinged wardrobe. Materials: Lam...

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  • Vex - Wardrobe

    Hinged wardrobe with lacquered wood, glass shutters in combination with open units and external drawers.  Materials: Lacquered wood, glass, laminat...

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  • Hilt - Wardrobe

    A composition of sliding wardrobe modules on either side with one hinged shutter module in the center.  Materials: Shutters in lacquered wood and c...

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