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Help Center - Bedrooms

Q: What is shop the look?

A: On our website we display a library of pre-designed bedrooms as templates to replicate the entire look in your bedrooms. You can choose to pick the entire set as it is or you may also pick pieces of furniture of your choosing.


Q: What is included in the bedroom package?

A: Please refer each bedroom page for the list of products included in the package.

A bedroom package can include wall panels, bed & side tables, wardrobe, bench, accent chair, chaise lounge, chest of drawers, TV Unit, wall art, partition and anything else you want to include from our products portfolio.


Q: Can I change the look?

A: You can customise the composition of your bedroom the way you like. By choosing furniture pieces that you like, customising the colour and finishes of the products, choosing different sizes of products you can change the look of a bedroom the way you want it. Feel free to contact us to help your put together customised package.


Q: What is not included in the bedroom packages?

A: We do not provide the following products – mattresses, bedding, cushions, pillows, bedspreads, quilts, duvet, curtains, vases and other décor items, light fixtures etc.

We do not execute any on-site services such as false ceiling, marble laying, wooden flooring installation, electrical work, light fixtures installation, painting, polishing, home automation, cleaning and any other on-site services that are normally executed by your General Contractor (GC).


Q: Will you provide an image / visual of a customised bedroom look?

A: We create our library of bedroom looks to ensure it encompasses all styles and preferences. We do not design a custom bedroom or provide images / visual for a customised bedroom look.  


Q: Will my bedroom look exactly like your images?

A: The look depends on your selection of colours, finishes and sizes of the products. The look of your bedroom to a great extent also depends on the execution of other aspects in your bedroom such as false ceiling, lighting, painting, polishing, flooring, accessories, planning of the room, décor of the room etc., which is executed by your General Contractor (GC) in guidance of your architect or interior designer.


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