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Help Center - Partitions

Q: What are standard sizes of partitions? 

A: 2' x 7', 3'x8' 4'x8' are standard sizes in partitions. 


Q: Do you make in custom sizes?

A: Yes, we can custom make to your required size subject to technical feasibility. 


Q: What are the types of partitions?

A: Partitions are of two types: 
Flat partitions - The design is cut out on a flat sheet of 3mm thick sheet.
Solid partitions - The design has depth in that it is made out of tubular sections ranging from 8mm to 50mm section.


Q: What are the size of options for outer frame?

A: Two standard outer frame section sizes for a partition are: 25x50mm and  50x50mm 


Q: Are metal partitions made of metal only?

A: No, a few unique designs can have leather, glass and wooden panels integrated into the partition design along with metal. 


Q: What finishes are partitions available in?

A: Metal partitions are available in matt and glossy finish. It will be finished on both front and back sides. 


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