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Help Center - Wall Panels

Q: What sizes are wall panels available in?

A: Wall Panels are custom made to your wall size. 


Q: Can you customise the design of the wall panels?   

A: Sizes, materials, compositions in our wall panels designs can be changed to customise to your requirement.


Q: What is the lead time for wall panels? 

A: 3-4 weeks is the normal lead time for wall panels.


Q: How do I know the price of wall panels?

A: Add the wall panels to cart and 'request price' from cart page to receive a quotation for your chosen wall panels. 


Q: What materials and finishes can be used in wall panels?

A: Almost all our materials and finishes can be used in wall panels. 


Q: How do I select the finishes?

A: Step 1 – Check the materials involved in the wall panels. For example: Fabric, leatherette, metal etc.
Step 2 – Choose any colour/texture option under the respective material category from our Finishes page. 
Step 3 – Mention the name of the finishes that you have chosen for the wall panels, in the comments section when you request for price in the Cart page.


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