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Help Center - Wallpapers

Q: How many rolls do I need?

A: Measure the area of the wall that you want to decorate, by multiplying the length of the wall with width of the walls. Subtract the area of any opening such as windows, doors or niches.  Add 10-15% as wastage. This is your actual requirement. Divide this by the roll size (coverage) and round it off to the upper number to know how many rolls you require.
Click here to watch a video that explains this process.


Q: Do you install wallpapers?

A: No, but we connect you to installers who will provide installation service at your home. Once you have purchased the wallpaper rolls from us, you will receive the details of the installers.


Q: How should the walls be prepared before installation?  
A: Wallpapers require a smooth and even surface for installation. Please follow the following simple steps to prepare your walls for wallpaper installation. 
Step 1 - Check wall for any water seepage and fix it.
Step 2 - Putty - fix the cracks and undulations in the wall by applying putty.
Step 3 - Oil based primer - apply a coat of oil based primer.
Click here to watch a video that explains this process.


Q: On what surfaces can wallpapers be installed?

A: Can be used on – any wall that has even surface, any other solid surface which has smooth surface.
Cannot be used – wet area inside bathroom, outdoors, walls with seepage, rough texture painted walls, on door, tiles surface.


Q: How much time does it take to install?

A: A normal size walls that requires two rolls need around 3-4 hours for installation. This may vary based on the site conditions, pattern of wallpaper etc.


Q: Will the joints be visible?

A: No, joints won’t be visible unless you put a conscious effort to notice it. However, hairline joints are unavoidable in some wallpapers.


Q: How do I clean or wash the wallpaper?

If you have bought washable wallpaper, you can use a damp cloth with a little mild soap solution to remove wet stains. If you have bought non-washable wallpaper use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and tiny particles. Do not attempt to clean the wallpapers with any type of bleaches or other strong cleaning products.


Q: How do I take care and maintain wallpaper?

Avoid sharp objects. Avoid stains. Avoid constantly resting any object against the wall such as table, ladder etc. Remove stains as soon as possible. The faster it's gone the less chance the stain has to chemically react with the wallpaper. The longer it's on, the more chance the stain will discolour the wallpaper.


Q: Do you provide any warranty for wallpapers?

No, there is not warranty for wallpapers.


Q: Can I use wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

No, the old wallpaper has to be removed and the surface must be prepared before the new one can be installed.


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